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How does the tool check which area is being read?
It surveys and determines from various information such as the movement of the mouse cursor, the mouse wheel operation, the screen size, etc. Data is analyzed by using the pattern recognition and machine learning, which the technique does not violate the patent of other research laboratories and companies.
Is the movement being examined by the web camera?
No. The tool checks the mouse operation and etc. via Javascript.
Are there any risks concerning privacy issue?
Please be assured that none of the data from keyboard input, as well as the data on SSL page, are acquired.
Are there any websites where this tool cannot be used?
This tool does not work on websites where arbitrary Javascript cannot be freely described. Therefore, most of the SNS, Blog ASP, and Twitter will not work.
What kind of websites can this tool be used on?
This tool can be used on websites that are opened to the public using HTML for editing and FTP for uploading.Also for Blogs such as Ameblo, WordPress, Livedoor Blog, and Movable Type can also be used.
Can Flash contents be measured by this tool ?
For some web browsers, data can be aquired from Flash contents, however, it is not possible to acquire the data on popular browsers such as IE.
Please describe the exact place for setting up the HTML code.
In the BODY tag of HTML, please input it right before the end tag.
Can I get some support if I have any trouble during set up?
Sorry, since this tool is offered free of charge, we are not able to answer any individual questions concerning the set up.(We provide the set up support for the paid tool of User Insight).
Is it possible not to display the result to the others?
It is not possible to do so in this tool. However, our company offers the tool "User Insight" for a charged fee, which you can browse the surveyed result without sharing to the public.
Is there an upper limit in the number of web pages that can be analyzed?
About 1000 types of pages per account can be analyzed. Pages above that number cannot be analyzed.
Is it possible to set up on a large-scale site?
Sorry. Please do not set it up on the site with access of more than 100,000PV per day.
How much PV is necessary for data output for each page?
About 1000-1500PV is needed for each page.
What happens when the access is above that number?
After enough data for display is accumulated and accessed, the data is deleted. You can start a new survey by resetting the data.
Do I only need to input the beacon HTML code on the main page?
No. Please input the beacon HTML code on all pages you want to check.
Should I set up a separate beacon HTML code for each page?
No. Multiple pages can be analyzed separately even with the same beacon HTML code.
Can I ask question regarding the tool usage?
We only accept inquiries in Japanese regarding system trouble or bug.
Is it okay to introduce this tool on news, magazine, or blog?
Sure. No permission is required to introduce this tool.
Can you say that the result data matches with the area where actual visitors view?
It has been proven that the testing result is close to the eye tracking result. However, since the data is derived from the mouse movement and guessing algorithm, there is possibility that it is different from the visitors’ actual movement.